Renovations of the Krauss building:

As mentioned before the Krauss building is one of the most well known buildings in our city. We are proud to have been a part of the revitalization of this great landmark and to work hand in hand with Gibbs Construction, one of the most respected construction companies in our area. The age of the building presented many obstacles as it pertains to retrofitting windows that meet today’s new impact resistant codes, tighter tolerances, and overall higher standards of quality and efficiency. Considering all the challenges faced on such a monumental undertaking, we are proud to say that the project was completed on time and without any deficiencies.

Renovations to the Falstaff Brewery:

The Falstaff Brewery is yet another mainstay in New Orleans architecture. AllGlass was honored to play a role in the revitalization of this great icon as well. Growing up I can remember the anticipation of seeing that weather ball atop the building as we drove past on the interstate. I am glad to say that the ball has been refurbished and will be there for our children to enjoy as well. This building presented many of the same challenges as the Kraus project and once again we are proud to say the outcome was the same.

Fountain Park Complex: (Manhattan near Target in Jefferson Parish)

While not a historic location by any means; a beautiful and much needed addition to one of the fastest growing parishes in the area. The development includes multiple buildings housing retail space and office suites and is one of the best planned developments in the metro area. The site and design of the development is truly first class. While Allglass did not complete the glass work on all the buildings we are proud to say we were able to play a role on one of the most notable buildings in the complex. The arched openings and general design of the building takes glass and its role as an architectural feature to the next level.

Williams Hanger at the Lakefront Airport:

This project features an example of the new impact resistant storefront at its best. Considering the building sets against the shore of Lake Pontchartrain, it was imperative that the window wall met the highest standards as it pertains to wind speed and design pressure. The new Vistawall series 5000 impact resistant framing was used here in conjunction with impact resistant glass to meet the design criteria of the location.





























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